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This spring, elevate your adventure skills with JessBFit. Turn those dreams into reality. In this workshop series, you'll:
Get in shape
Get your gear
Get a plan
Get confident
Get there!

If you've got the desire, but you're afraid you lack the skill, strength, equipment, or confidence to tackle the mountains, hills, rivers and wilderness surrounding you, this series was made for you. Even if you're just looking to brush up your skills and meet new adventure buddies, you will enjoy this series.

Classes begin April 17 in Bend. Video downloads will be available for purchase after each workshop.

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Every body can be fit, capable, and adaptable. Everyone can find joy through movement.

Working out can feel like just that, work. Going to the gym every day is one path to a fitter self. But it is not the only way.

At JessBFit, we strive to make fitness part of a whole lifestyle. You'll learn to crawl, climb, and walk through your environment with ease. You'll reconnect with the value of play (yes, as an adult!) You'll stretch your boundaries, meet amazing people, and take on challenges you never thought possible. I know you will. Won't you join us?

JessBFit meets you where you are.

There's a lot of one-size-fits all programming out there. But just like jeans, one size does not fit all. At JessBFit, you'll be trained as the individual you are. Your interests, goals, injury history, and schedule will determine a personalized approach to getting you moving well.

Classes are scaled to meet your needs while keeping you at pace with the group. Personal and small group training sessions are even better tailored to your particular needs.

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