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Nutrition Highlight from the Blog:

Prepping food in bulk

seasoningIt’s Wednesday, you put in an extra couple hours at work and you hop in your car totally exhausted. You are just not in the mood to cook dinner, so you swing by a take-out chain and grab fast food as you rush to get home. Does that sound familiar? No time to cook, or so you think. Feeling swamped by life’s obligations can make it challenging to eat a proper home-cooked meal. But take-out and fast food are not your only options for a low-stress meal at home. A little foresight and planning goes a long way in making sure you and your family have ready-to-go meals waiting for you at home.

One strategy to make meal planning easier, cheaper, and faster is to prepare your proteins for the week in bulk. Here’s how to do it.

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Fitness Highlight from the Blog:

Train for the rest of your life

download_20160928_115806This weekend, I had the pleasure of attending a Mental Meatheads workshop in New York City. Dan John instructed the first day of the workshop, covering topics like how to assess clients, how to cut through marketing nonsense, and how to train with long-term goals in mind. I’ll be covering all these topics as I let the flood of information marinate over these next days, weeks and months, but today I’ll focus on training for the rest of your life.

In the strength and conditioning world, Dan John is a household name. But most of you readers will have never heard of him. He’s not a celebrity trainer, he doesn’t have a flashy workout DVD series, and he hasn’t created a trademarked fitness system. But he’s an accomplished athlete, a prolific writer, and a brilliant coach. I was honored to be in a room with a small group of coaches and trainers there to learn from his decades of experience. Dan is really able to simplify things in a way that makes fitness and nutrition programming seem like a no-brainer.

Learn more about some basic principles that will help keep you on track.

Jess is talented, supportive, and knowledgeable. Most importantly Jess creates an environment of encouragement and integrity. At 58 I'm in good shape, with Jess I'm getting into fabulous shape. Love her classes, love her feedback and have really benefited working one on one. Thank you Jess!
I highly recommend Jess as a trainer. I'm in my 50's, and after many frustrating cycles of exercising on my own, getting injured, stopping exercise, and starting over again, I decided to give Jess a try. It's been great! From the start she gave me a customized exercise plan that I can use regularly, and which she modifies as I get stronger. It's definitely made exercise an important part of my daily routine, and I haven't gotten injured again. And maybe the best thing is that I'm definitely stronger -- I bounce up stairs that I trudged up only a few months ago!
Before meeting Jess, I thought I had tried every regimen possible to regain mobility and strength following multiple back surgeries. i was in constant pain and was feeling demoralized by the fear that I could never again do the activities or work that I loved. Jess listened to my experiences and then gently pushed me to focus on what I COULD do. She then helped to devise creative and simple exercises to start gently utilizing the weak and stiff muscles again, and over just a few weeks I noticed a major reduction in pain and stiffness. After a couple of months, I was feeling more energy and strength than I had in 8 years! I would HIGHLY recommend Jess to anyone who is struggling to find safe and effective exercises to recover from injury!
I love working with Jess. Being a natural empath she supports me in listening to my body's feedback on what feels good, while also giving me the inspiration and encouragement I need to explore my edges. After our sessions I always feel stronger, re-energised and more flexible, thoroughly ready for whatever life might bring next. As a fellow practitioner I also greatly respect and appreciate her holistic approach to supporting well-being.
Jess is an absolutely amazing trainer! During a training session you may think "wow this pretty easy, it feels like we are playing" then the next day will FEEL she has worked a part of your core which you didn't even know there were muscles. Jess is innovative, fun, and thinks outside the fitness box. This is what makes working out with Jess so enjoyable! I do two different classes with Jess 1) Crater Lake Snow Prep Class and 2) group training class. In both, she has a huge variance of age, fitness and ability. She is able to tailor both the workout and her motivation to the class as a whole and the individual. It's impressive!
It's truly been helpful for Jess to come to our house to help my sister, Judy, with a balance, work out, and stretching routine. Judy is unable to go to the gym now to limit exposure to infection during chemotherapy treatment for lymphatic cancer. In addition to a painful shoulder due to the disease and injury, as well as other limitations brought on by time (Judy is 71), Judy is particular about what she likes and doesn't like. Jess listened intently to Judy's desires and put together a routine that Judy is able - and willing - to do. Actually, both Judy and I are benefiting from the exercises! We both recommend Jess strongly! Jess is well organized and puts together a wonderful program.
-- Amy, Corvallis OR
I met Jess on the Bald Hill bike path and learned about her in-home personal training and yoga. It was the first time I ever considered working with a personal trainer-- mostly because she would come to my house on my schedule, and I had been noticing that I had lost strength since I no longer needed to carry my kids around. Jess is incredibly inspiring and motivating and especially knowledgeable about how to help me reach my goals.  She modified my workouts to accommodate a foot injury, and now I'm back in action. Her flexibility really helped keep me going. And she helped me establish a good bike commuting routine before the rain started, so I was ready to keep it up during the winter. I'm looking forward to continuing my training with Jess in the new year!
I thoroughly enjoy working with Jess. She is knowledgeable, organized, punctual, professional, and empathetic. Jess always arrives prepared for each new phase of our work. During our work-outs, she is very good at picking up non-verbal clues--body posture, energy levels, etc.--insuring that I am working at a solid rate but not beyond my abilities. Also, Jess asks very good questions to be sure that we are working toward the goals that I established. With her patience and competence, Jess makes me feel that I am truly working toward a fitter self.
Jess listened to what I wanted to accomplish and developed a simple and effective workout with just the right amount of challenge to keep me interested and provide great results.
Great Teacher. Great Lady. Hard work, but good workout. I am glad I am doing this and I am happy that I was introduced to Jess and to this class.