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Sylvan Park is a small park on the north side of Awbrey Butte. It’s remarkably similar to Summit Park, just a half mile away. The two parks are even connected by a walking path. But Sylvan’s advantage is a sweet, old-school play structure with wooden platforms and a metal slide. Go check this one out before it’s gone.

Address: 2996 NW Three Sisters Drive

Pros:  Lots of mature shade trees; fun little playground.

Cons: Small; out of the way if you don’t live on Awbrey Butte.

Key features: Although Sylvan also has two tennis courts, the most striking features are the large Ponderosa pine trees. Nestled under the pines there’s a small playground and some toddler swings. Surrounding the play area there’s plenty of thick, green grass to play games, have a picnic or just lounge in the shade. Be sure to find the trail connecting Sylvan Park to Summit Park for a lovely 1 mile round-trip stroll.

What you’ll see and hear: Tennis balls. Children playing.

Best use of the park: Climbing on the wooden play structure and rolling around in the grass.

Parking: Four regular spots plus 1 handicap spot.

Bike parking: None.

Fun fact: According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, “sylvan” is a word that goes back to the 1500’s means “living or located in the woods or forest.” The original meaning was tied to a mythical being living in the woods, but eventually changed to refer to anyone being in the woods. If you also like learning about word origins, check out this nerdy podcast: Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Day.

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