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Blakely Park is a popular park with families in Bend. With easy access from Brookswood Blvd, ample parking, and a large playground, this park is a great place to take the kids or your pals and spend the afternoon. Just a few blocks from the Deschutes River Trail, it is an excellent place to connect with Bend’s extensive trail network as well.

Address: 1155 SW Brookswood Blvd.

Pros:  Interesting play structure, good location.

Cons: Can be busy.

Key features: The play structure is the centerpiece of this bustling park. A large ramp provides access to kids in wheelchairs and provides a system of rails for adults to jump, climb, crawl, and otherwise explore. Monkey bars, slides, and other fun playground features will give you lots of inspiration for creative movement. There is also a basketball court and fields to practice running, jumping, rolls, partner games and other movement skills. There are even some shade trees to give you some cover as you rest between rounds of play.

What you’ll see and hear: Lots of children, traffic, and maybe some deer.

Best use of the park: Putting together flow sequences on the rails and play features.

Parking: Small parking lot fits several cars.

Bike parking: I didn’t see any.

Fun fact: It is not clear why the park is called Blakely, but there are a few historical references to Blakely that you can find online. Samuel Blakely was a Bend resident in the early 20th century who became renowned as an expert in logging and forestry. The Samuel Blakely House, located in the Drake Park Neighborhood Historic District, is still standing at 504 NW Congress St.


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