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gardensideGardenside Park is a small, neighborhood park located on the edge of town in SE Bend. Its marquee feature is a wooden picnic shelter with a 15-person capacity. Stone walls hem in a concrete patio area, and a large playground offers opportunities for kids and adults to play.

Address: 61750 Darla Place

Pros: Picnic shelter provides shade on hot days.

Cons: Small park with only street parking.

Key features: The play structure has a run-of-the-mill design with slides, ladders, and elevated walkways with rails. There is very little to capture the imagination. The shelter offers covered seating area, and the manicured lawn provides a place for free play or picnicking (but watch for dog poop).

What you’ll see and hear: All the neighbors houses, which bump right up against the park.

Best use of the park: Doing step-ups and lunges on the stone wall, practicing ground movements on the soft lawn.

Parking: Street parking only.

Bike parking: 3 racks.

Fun fact: There is no garden adjacent to Gardenside Park, as the name would lead you to assume. There is, however, a small bioswale planted with tufts of tall grasses and trees.




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