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Juniper Park is one of the jewels of the Bend Park system. Located on the east side, this park is well-loved by people of all ages. The Fitness Center and pool provide residents with year-round recreation activities. Walking paths cut through the sprawling lawns, natural spaces and pockets of mature trees. Juniper is a favorite for neighbors as well as visitors from all over town who come in to take fitness classes and enjoy the pool.

Address: 800 NE 6th Street

Pros:  Centrally located, variety of facilities.


Key features: The Juniper Swim and Fitness Center is the central feature of the park. Outside the fitness center you’ll find walking trails, a softball field, tennis courts, playground, picnic areas and large open spaces. The playground is a classic with wooden platforms and metal slides. The park grounds include both natural areas and groomed lawn spaces. In spring, the natural areas are abloom with yellow Oregon grape flowers.

As of spring 2017, improvements to Juniper Park are being planned. Construction of new facilities and upgrades to existing amenities are scheduled to begin construction in spring 2018. Click here to follow the park update progress.

What you’ll see and hear: The landscaping crew, working away…also runners, walkers, tennis players, picnickers and birds.

Best use of the park: Playing at one of the last remaining old playgrounds before it’s replaced! Taking a class at the fitness center. Swimming in the pool on a hot day.

Parking: Large parking area.

Bike parking: There must be…but I didn’t notice them.

Fun fact: The Western Juniper is both a native and invasive species in eastern Oregon. Discuss.


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