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Walk, bike or drive to Overturf Park. Located near the West Bend Trail, Cascades Highland Trail and Galveston Ave, this west side park is easy to get to yet not super busy. Enjoy the playground, off-leash dog area and natural space all in one neat, compact park.

Address: 475 NW 17th Street

Pros:  Access to several nearby trails, mix of developed and natural space.

Cons: All the grassy areas are covered in goose poop. Covered.

Key features: Overturf Park sits on the east side of Overturf Butte. The playground, benches and horseshoe pits are adjacent to the street where the ground is flat. But the slope of the ground quickly steepens as you head west. A large natural area is dotted with shrubs and trees, making an excellent place to romp around and explore. A pair of steep, dirt paths climb up the hillside to the paved Cascade Highlands Trail. An array of dirt and wood chip paths leads up and around Overturf Butte’s water tower-capped summit. Just above the paved trail there is also an off-leash dog park where you can let your dog roam free and unencumbered among the juniper and sage.

What you’ll see and hear: Dogs, walkers, runners.

Best use of the park: Playing at the playground and then exploring the natural area.

Parking: On-street only.

Bike parking: 2 bike racks

Fun fact: In the 1940’s, a fire lookout tower stood on top of Overturf Butte. Today the summit area instead houses two water towers, property of the City of Bend.



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