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quail park bendQuail Park, located near Central Oregon Community College, is a quiet neighborhood park with lots of amenities. For athletes, there’s a basketball court and a pickleball court. For kiddos, there’s a large playground. For nature-lovers, there’s natural space. For everyone else there are paths, picnic tables, a small shelter and lots of places to sit and enjoy the park. Quail Park would be a great location to hang out in between classes at the community college.

Address: 2755 NW Regency Street

Pros: The variety of recreation options gives everyone something to do.

Cons: None.

Key features: The playground here is not terribly inspiring but you could come up with enough things to do to keep you busy here. There is a short stone wall bordering the playground for practicing jumps, step-ups and balancing drills. The large lawn space and hilly natural areas are great for more creative natural movement.

What you’ll see and hear: The “thwap” of pickleball rackets and some birdsong, but mostly quiet.

Best use of the park: Challenging your neighbor to a game of pickleball.

Parking: About 10 marked spots on the road.

Bike parking: One bike rack.

Fun fact: The quail is one of the most adorable birds in Central Oregon, although they will quite readily run right under your car if you startle them. In fact (and this is an actual fact), the quail mortality rate is very high; 70-80% of the nation’s quail population dies each year. This high mortality rate is balanced out by a high birthrate, so we can continue to enjoy watching these cute little buggers into the future.



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