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riverview park bendBlink and you’ll miss Riverview Park.  This half acre parcel of public land provides wheelchair-accessible riverfront access and good opportunities to watch the Deschutes River flow by. Its small size and limited access to both cars and pedestrians means you’ve probably never made it to this park. But if you’re trying to collect views at all of Bend’s parks then it’s worth the wild goose chase to find it. (And hey, you’ll probably see some geese while you’re there!)

Address: 225 NE Division St.

Pros:  Easy walk to the river.

Cons: Tiny, limited access.

Key features: A short, paved path from the parking area leads to a boardwalk at the river’s edge. From the boardwalk, watch for swans, geese and ducks year-round. Mature trees provide welcome shade in the heat of the summer, but this park is a nice pit-stop any time of year. There are a few picnic tables and benches as well as a concrete/rock wall that might make for a nice traverse. According to Google Maps, the park actually appears on the west side of the river, abutting a golf course. This property is undeveloped and rather unsavory at times.

What you’ll see and hear: Traffic whizzing by, waterfowl.

Best use of the park: Stopping for a picnic lunch. Birdwatching.

Parking: 3 spots.

Bike parking: None

Fun fact: It is clear that the birds are used to being fed at this park, but feeding wildlife is quite harmful. Stale bread, crackers, popcorn and other food people give to the birds is much like human “junk food.” Young birds who subsist on a junk food diet do not develop properly and develop medical conditions that make them more vulnerable to predators. Learn more about feeding wild animals from the Humane Society.


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