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Head up Awbrey Butte to visit Summit Park. This small neighborhood park is a great place to chase shade in the summer and build a snowman in the winter. This park makes a lovely destination for locals to relax and enjoy time outside. A half-mile trail connects Summit and Sylvan Parks.

Address: 1150 NW Promontory Drive

Pros:  Nice trail for birdwatching between Summit Park and Sylvan Park.

Cons: Small; out of the way if you don’t live on Awbrey Butte.

Key features: Summit Park’s primary use is for playing tennis. You’ll hear the familiar “thwap. . . thwap. . .” of the tennis ball being volleyed as you approach this park. There is a small grassy area with several shade trees and a couple of picnic tables. A strip of natural, undeveloped land abuts the northeast perimeter of the lawn. Find the trail connecting this park with Sylvan Park (next week’s feature) and take a walk between the neighboring houses to visit even more tennis courts.

What you’ll see and hear: Tennis games. Birds singing. Cars driving by.

Best use of the park: Listening and looking for birds and wildflowers on the park connector trail.

Parking: Two regular spots plus 2 handicap spots.

Bike parking: None.

Fun fact: Don’t be disappointed: Summit Park is NOT located on the summit of Awbrey Butte. This park is, however, found on Summit Drive. There’s a radio tower on top of Awbrey Butte!


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