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Want to eat better? Ignore your friends’ nutrition advice

Yesterday I was having coffee with my friend Linda, who’s attempting to make some dietary changes. She has sent me some photos of the meals she’s proudly created. There’s eggs, avocado and bacon for breakfast. Roasting pans full of chicken and vegetables for dinners. Bags of sliced veggies and dried fruits for replacing candy snacks […]

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How to win at potlucks

You’re so excited to get an invite to hang out with some of your friends this weekend. And then, the host casually mentions “oh, it’s a potluck so bring something to share, m’kay?” Don’t stress. I’ve got some simple strategies to help you streamline the potluck prep process and be the hero of the party. […]

No, a blueberry cheesecake bar for diabetics is missing the point.

Are you asking the right questions?

Yesterday I stood in line at a pharmacy counter in my local grocery store. The woman in front of me was loudly asking some questions to the pharmacist (I wasn’t snooping, I promise!) I heard “I’m a diabetic” and “does this medication interfere with my diabetes medication?” Cool, someone who wants to be educated about […]

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Prepping food in bulk

It’s Wednesday, you put in an extra couple hours at work and you hop in your car totally exhausted. You are just not in the mood to cook dinner, so you swing by a take-out chain and grab fast food as you rush to get home. Does that sound familiar? No time to cook, or so […]


Book review: Good & Cheap

Imagine a world in which you could buy good food, prepare it at home with minimal equipment or know-how, and enjoy delicious meals every day. Imagine not stressing over counting carbs or calories or points. Imagine doing that on $4/day. Imagine no more, because Leanne Brown has compiled a wonderful guide to this world that […]

Ha! I did it again.

Stress-free cooking

I was recently called out for posting pictures of yummy-looking food, saying it was easy to make, then not providing instructions on how to do so. Looking back on my nutrition-related blogs, I noticed several articles like this. And while I don’t have any written recipes that I can copy and paste here, I can […]


Progress is not linear

When someone sets out to achieve a fitness or nutrition goal, the first step is to make a plan. The plan consists of a series of incremental steps that edge closer and closer to the goal. And in the course of 6, 12, 24 weeks (or whatever), the plan culminates in…VOILA! The goal. What actually happens to […]