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Recently, I invited my friend Sarah to meet me at the Larkspur Fitness trail so I could put together an outdoor fitness circuit. If you don’t live in Bend, you can replicate this circuit on any trail near your house. You may have to shift the order of certain stations to make it work for your local terrain and rock availability. This particular trail is 1 km long, with markers placed at every 0.1 km. It’s a short loop, but if you’re looking for more distance you can easily add extra laps (with or without the movement stations) to incorporate more walking. I gave Sarah the option to be photographer or fitness model, and alas, she chose photographer. So you’re stuck looking at more photos of me!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Walk, run or sprint from one station to the next.
  2. Perform 8-12 reps of each movement at each station.
  3. Complete the circuit with some stretching at the last station.
  4. Do more laps for a longer circuit.
  5. Have fun!

If you’re not sure how to do a particular exercise, click on the link associated with the station. That will take you to a how-to video so you can see how it’s done. And be sure to read all the way to the bottom to pick up your free printable copy of this workout.

Station 1: Squats

Do it: 8-12 Bodyweight squats, as low as you can go with good form!
Make it easier: Grab a buddy or use a tree to assist your squat.
Make it harder: Add load or do a single-leg squat like a pistol squat.

Station 2: Push-ups

Do it: 8-12 Push-ups on the signpost
Make it easier: Do a plank against the signpost or tree
Make it harder: Take your push-up to the ground.

Station 3: Reverse lunges

Do it: 8-12 Reverse lunges total , alternating sides
Make it easier: Take a smaller step back instead of doing a full lunge.
Make it harder: Try jumping lunges!

Station 4: Lateral lunges

Do it: 8-12 Lateral lunges total, one side at a time.
Make it easier: Step your feet wide and shift you weight from one side to the other (Cossack squat-style).
Make it harder: Hold a rock and press it out at the bottom of your lunge.

Station 5: Fence rows

Do it: 8-12 rows clinging to the side of a chain link fence!
Make it easier: Put your feet on the ground.
Make it harder: Try a one-arm row 🙂

Station 6: Rock deadlifts

Do it: 8-12 Rock deadlifts.
Make it easier: Practice the pattern without the rock.
Make it harder: Add an overhead press at the end of the lift.

Station 7: Mountain climbers

Do it: 8-12 Mountain climbers per side.
Make it easier: Try it with your hands elevated on the signpost or a tree.
Make it harder: Go as slowly as possible.

Station 8: Step-ups

Do it: 8-12 step ups
Make it easier: Choose a lower obstacle.
Make it harder: Add a knee raise at the top.

Station 9: Sarah’s biceps curls

Do it: 8-12 biceps curls
Make it easier: Choose two light weights.
Make it harder:

Station 10: Stretch

Do it: Take 5- 10 minutes to stretch your calves, hamstrings, shoulders, hips and anything else that might be talking to you.
Make it easier: Do stretches that are well within your abilities
Make it harder: Take another lap, now GO!

Simply fill out the form below to take this workout on the go! Shove a copy in your running shorts, fanny pack or sports bra before you hit the trail.

Please enter your name and email to receive a free copy of the Printable Trailside Fitness Circuit Workout!

Well, how’d you do? What modifications did you make for your own trail? Share your variations in the comments.

All photos (and biceps curl station) courtesy of Sarah Gribionkin.

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