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This is not clickbait. No, wait! Just saying that makes it sound like clickbait! Really, I’ve discovered a cool modification to do to while you’re driving to put your body in a better posture.

Eh, but it only works if you have long hair. Well, just read on.

Driving is hard on the body. Think about it. You’re sitting in a static posture for potentially long periods of time, arms reaching out in front of you, one foot alternately pressing on various pedals (two if you’re driving a manual), eyes focusing mostly straight ahead, and butt trapped in a seat. It’s not an awesome position to maintain for any body. And for long road trips, the effects of sitting in this singular posture get worse and worse the longer you just sit there.

In the last year I’ve noticed one variable that makes a huge difference in how my body feels during and after driving:

My ponytail.

ponytail and driving

When you are wearing a ponytail and you climb into the driver’s seat, the ponytail has an insidious effect on your posture. It forces you to just your head forward, round your upper back and tilt your chin down. As a result, you need to look upward just to keep your eyes on the road. It exaggerates all the worst habits we develop when sitting. And if your profession involves driving or if you’re heading out on a long road trip (like me), this can result in discomfort, pain, and stiffness in the upper body.

But this is one thing that can change with just a small modification: take the ponytail out when driving. Since I noticed this, I’ve made it a new habit, even if I’m just driving to the grocery store a few minutes away.

Try this new habit the next time you’re in the driver’s seat. Notice anything? Report back. And happy driving!

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