Planning a successful hike, backpacking trip or other outdoor adventure takes some skill, strategy and a touch of luck. Do you have what it takes to go off the beaten path and explore the backcountry? In this series, you’ll learn all the elements of a successful adventure, from someone who’s been there and done that!

At the end of this series, you’ll have the skills, strength and confidence to go on new adventures that did not seem possible before. Here’s how it works. Scroll past the graphic for more information about each class. Register for the whole series or just the topics you’re interested in.


Get in Shape: Physical preparation for outdoor adventures

It’s spring and you’re itching to get outside and explore. But you feel like your body just might not be so ready yet. Whether you’re hoping to walk up Pilot Butte, climb South Sister or explore points unknown, you’ll…

  • Learn the best ways to start training your body for your next adventure.
  • Be able to to put together a training plan for your goals.
  • Learn more about JessBFit’s training options.
  • Have the opportunity to purchase a class package at an exclusive discounted rate.


Get your Gear: What to wear and what to pack for outdoor adventures

Wait! Before you head out the door, what’s in your backpack?

  • Find out how to layer your clothing and choose the right footwear.
  • Learn how to gear up for your next hiking trip.
  • Learn about packs, poles, the ten essentials and more.
  • Plus, we’ll have a bunch of gear and clothing to demo and see for yourself.
  • Attend this workshop and get an invite to an upcoming gear shopping night with special discounts at a local gear shop.

Get a Plan: Trip planning for hikers and backpackers

Let’s take those crazy ideas of yours and put them into action! In the first half of this workshop, you’ll learn strategies for planning your own adventure.

  • Find out about the many resources that can help you decide where to go
  • Learn how to organize logistical details.
  • Discover the best sources of updated route information
  • Be able to put a plan together.

Then we’ll pull out books, maps, and calendars so you can start making plans for 2017. You might even meet some adventure buddies to tag along with! Bring a laptop, planner, and any information you may already have. Jess will share some of her favorite hiking spots in Central Oregon and share plenty of tips on how to venture off the beaten path to find your own special places.

Get Confident: Safety and Judgment for Outdoor Adventurers

Whether you’re hiking solo or in a group, there are certain skills and resources you should have to keep you safe in the backcountry. In this class we’ll…

  • Review the ten essentials.
  • Determine what emergency supplies you should have in your pack.
  • Talk through several mock scenarios to practice your decision-making skills in difficult situations.
  • Learn how the decisions you make before embarking on a trip are just as important as those you make in the field.

Participants will take home a suggested reading list and some challenging scenarios to practice talking through with your friends. This class goes far beyond reminding you to carry a map, as we delve into the psychology of decision-making and group-think. You do not want to miss this one!


Get There: Basic navigation skills for hikers

Did you know that most of the skills you need to stay oriented in the backcountry are non-technical in nature? In this class you’ll…

  • Learn how to use environmental clues and situational awareness to pinpoint your location.
  • Understand basic compass skills.
  • Analyze different types of hiking maps.
  • Discover GPS apps on your phone to help find your way to your destination and back again.
  • Learn which skills and tools are best for different adventure scenarios.

If you’re intimidated by off-trail travel or find yourself hiking the same handful of familiar trails because you’re afraid of venturing into the unknown, this class is for you. This will prepare you for the last workshop in this series, an outdoor navigation activity on June 17!

Get There: Outdoor navigation activity


Practice your navigation skills during this hands-on field activity. We’ll head into the wilderness to use the map and compass in real-time. You’ll get the opportunity to…

  • Navigate both on and off-trail.
  • Practice all the skills you learned in this series
  • Learn how to work effectively with other people in a group setting.
  • Review and practice the principles of Leave No Trace.
  • Enjoy a shared pot-luck style group lunch on the trail.
  • Ask any final questions you may have about taking on your next adventure.

You’ll leave this activity with a strong sense of your ability and confidence to get out and explore all summer-long!

Saturday, June 17 from 9 am – 1 pm.



Register for the whole series for only $80.

Individual classes are $15 in advance, $20 at the door.


The spring 2017 schedule is as follows:

Get in Shape!

Wed., Apr 19

Get your Gear!

Wed., May 3

Get a Plan!

Wed., May 17

Get Confident!

Wed., May 31

Get There!

Wed., June 14

Field Session: Get There!

Sat., June 17

Wednesday workshops are held at Peanut’s Gallery from 6:00-7:30 pm. Light refreshments will be provided.

The final field session will be held on Saturday June 17 from 9 – 1 pm.

Train with Jess

Jess has been adventuring across the Pacific Northwest for over a decade. She has trained with the Mazamas Mountaineering Club of Portland and leads hikes for the Cascades Mountaineers. Jess has racked up over 5000 hiking miles, including solo trips, group adventures, casual walks and technical mountaineering routes. She is passionate about helping others develop the skills and confidence to undertake their own hiking adventures.


Questions? Contact Jess! We hope to see you soon.