Now, no matter when it is or where you are, you can participate in JessBFit’s Outdoor Adventure Workshops! Each one is here as a digital download. Your purchase includes a video of the workshop and any handouts from the class.

Get in Shape: Physical preparation for outdoor adventures

Whether you’re hoping to walk up the local training hill, climb a big mountain or explore points unknown, you’ll…

  • Learn the best ways to start training your body for your next adventure.
  • Be able to to put together a training plan for your goals.
  • See some sample exercises and learn how to scale them to meet your needs.

Video and .pdf: $9.99

Get your Gear: What to wear and what to pack for outdoor adventures

Wait! Before you head out the door, what’s in your backpack?

  • Find out how to layer your clothing and choose the right footwear.
  • Learn how to gear up for your next hiking trip.
  • Learn about packs, poles, the ten essentials and more.

Video and .pdf: $9.99

Get a Plan: Trip planning for hikers and backpackers

Let’s take those crazy ideas of yours and put them into action! In the first half of this workshop, you’ll learn strategies for planning your own adventure.

  • Find out about the many resources that can help you decide where to go
  • Learn how to organize logistical details.
  • Discover the best sources of updated route information
  • Be able to put a plan together.

Video and .pdf: $9.99

Get Confident: Safety and Judgment for Outdoor Adventurers

Whether you’re hiking solo or in a group, there are certain skills and resources you should have to keep you safe in the backcountry. In this class we’ll…

  • Review the ten essentials.
  • Determine what emergency supplies you should have in your pack.
  • Talk through several mock scenarios to practice your decision-making skills in difficult situations.
  • Learn how the decisions you make before embarking on a trip are just as important as those you make in the field.

Participants will take home a suggested reading list and some challenging scenarios to practice talking through with your friends. This class goes far beyond reminding you to carry a map, as we delve into the psychology of decision-making and group-think. You do not want to miss this one!

Video and .pdf: $9.99

Get There: Basic navigation skills for hikers

Did you know that most of the skills you need to stay oriented in the backcountry are non-technical in nature? In this class you’ll…

  • Learn how to use environmental clues and situational awareness to pinpoint your location.
  • Understand basic compass skills.
  • Analyze different types of hiking maps.
  • Discover GPS apps on your phone to help find your way to your destination and back again.
  • Learn which skills and tools are best for different adventure scenarios.

If you’re intimidated by off-trail travel or find yourself hiking the same handful of familiar trails because you’re afraid of venturing into the unknown, this class is for you.

Video and .pdf: $9.99