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Personal Training

Do you dread going to the gym?
Fallen out of shape after an injury or one of life’s obstacles?
Tired of buying exercise videos that don’t resonate with you?
Can’t find your motivation to exercise?

Let me help you find your “WHY!” Why start a fitness routine? What would that enable you to do?

Working with a personal trainer is not reserved for elite athletes. Personal training can benefit anyone who is looking to improve their fitness, health, mobility, strength, and capability of day-to-day tasks as well as athletic skills. In my brand new space, we will work together to first identify your goals and current abilities, then develop a plan to help you work towards those goals. I have trained with a wide variety of tools and methods so that I can help choose a strategy that will challenge you, engage you, work with your body and personality, and push you out of your comfort zone.

In a single training session, we might use tools like:2016-08-19 10.23.05

  • body weight calisthenics
  • kettlebells
  • foam rollers
  • gymnastic rings and parallettes
  • balance beams and BOSU trainer
  • resistance bands
  • medicine balls
  • and so much more…

The training space has soft foam tiles for ground movements and a hard rubber floor for lifting weights. There’s also a strip of river rock on which you can train your foot strength and flexibility, as well as balance and proprioception. There are a lot of possibilities for using this space! I always look forward to helping my clients train hard, train smart, and enjoy the process, too.

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How it works

I will work with you to design an individualized program that fits your time, needs, and budget. I start new clients with a movement assessment, the Functional Movement Screen (FMS). From there, we can integrate a variety of methods to improve mobility, stability, function and strength. You will learn and refine movement skills, then apply them in more complex situations or with heavier weights in order to build strength, confidence and functionality in everyday life.

What you get

Your trainer is with you 24/7. Training goes far beyond the hour you meet for your session. Here are the numerous benefits of working with your personal trainer:

  • Goal setting
  • Access via phone call, text or email
  • Nutrition and eating advice
  • Initial fitness assessment and periodic progress checks
  • Invitations to special events just for clients
  • Regular check-ins between sessions
  • A plan for training at home between sessions
  • Personalized recommendations for local events, races and adventures
  • Access to a like-minded community of adults striving to be more awesome every day!

JessBFit encourages a lifestyle approach to meeting your movement and training goals. Your in-person session is just the tip of the iceberg!

Package options

First, how many times per week would you like to train? There are 1, 2 or 3 day/week training options.

Next, how committed are you? There are 6-month and 12-month contracts available. Why sign a contract? Improving your fitness is a lifelong commitment. Sporadic and infrequent training is a surefire recipe for failure. With JessBFit, your success depends on showing up regularly. This is not a quick-fix training program. By committing to a 6 or 12 month time period, you will notice improvements in how you feel and how you move. You’ll give yourself the time to get to know yourself, your trainer, and find out what’s truly possible.

All training contracts include a 6-session trial period, so if for any reason you are not satisfied, you can cancel your contract.

Set yourself up for success with a 12-month package and save 15% off the 6-month price!

Price per session

6-month contract12-month contract
3x/week$65$52 BEST VALUE!

In-home Training

If you’ve got a busy schedule, limited transportation, or medical concerns, meeting in the convenience of your own home might be a better option for you. I also offer in-home personal training for an additional fee. I come to your home or office to work with you in a familiar space, on your schedule. You get personalized attention and a program designed to help you reach your goals. We can use your home exercise equipment or I can bring the tools to you!

In-home training is popular among active professionals, seniors with disabilities, and people with long-forgotten home gyms. Let me help you figure out how to use your own space as a training ground for your goals.

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Small Group Training

Do you have a buddy or two that you’d like to train with? Let’s talk about setting up some small group training sessions for you and your pals. We can train in the JessBFit space, in a park or at your location. Save money and increase accountability by training with friends. Contact me for pricing and more details.

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Nutrition Coaching

With a nutrition coach, you can assess your current diet and learn to make changes to what, how much, or how you eat to reach your personal goals. Coaching begins with a food log and goes from there. Regular coaching sessions include a check-in on your progress, education on nutrition and habits, and continual implementation of small habits to create lasting change. Depending on your needs, we might schedule a grocery store tour, in-home cooking class, or other specific educational sessions as needed.

Why me? I’m a certified Level 1 Precision Nutrition coach and I’ve been working with clients on creating and maintaining healthy habits that support their nutrition goals. I understand both the science of good eating and the psychology of behavior change.

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Corporate Training and Speaking

JessBFit can also offer team-building, group fitness activities, and presentations on fitness and healthy living to local businesses and organizations.

Jess has given presentations on stress relief, healthy eating, office stretching and mobility, and fitness for life. Jess has worked with companies like Barker-Uerlings Insurance, Oregon Tilth, and A&S Accounting to promote healthful activities and healthy work environments among their staff. Jess is also available to provide fun, interactive presentations to service groups, and has spoken at Soroptimist and Rotary meetings in Corvallis.

Please contact Jess to discuss your business’ specific needs.